On The Go Sewing Kit Eco-friendly Craft

April 16, 2012

An eco-friendly craft can come in many shapes and sizes; one of the basic elements of green crafting is that it becomes useful in its new purpose. Recently, we posted a blog that featured ten ways to reuse old mint tins. Building upon that idea we’ve found a craft that turns that old mint tin into an on the go sewing kit. With this handy craft you will be prepared to fix a button in a pinch or pin something together circumvent any fashion disaster.

Even if you don’t sew having a sewing kit in your bag just might save the day for someone else, or allow him or her to be able to help you. Our eco-friendly craft today comes by way of craftstylish.com . Let’s get crafting.

(image credit: sp.thescrapmaster.com)


• A tin from mints or candy (such as Altoids)
• Cardboard
• Scrap of fabric
• Handful of cotton
• Felt
• Glue gun
• Scissors
• Pen
• Notions to stock the kit: pins, needles, thread, folding scissors, buttons, etc.



1. Trace the shape of the tin onto the cardboard. This will be the base of the pincushion. Cut it out, and check that it fits into the lid of the tin, allowing a tiny bit of room (about 1/16 inch) as it will be wrapped in fabric. Trim it down if necessary.

2. Use this cardboard as the pattern piece to cut out the felt that will line the bottom of the tin. Also use it as a guide to cut the fabric cover for the pincushion; cut it about an inch bigger all around than the cardboard.

3. To make the pincushion, hot-glue the fabric cover, face up, to one of the long sides of the cardboard, overlapping about an inch as shown in the photo. Flip the piece over and wrap the two short sides and glue. Pull the fabric snugly over the rounded corners and secure with glue. Now you have a pocket in which you can stuff a small amount of [cotton](not too much or you won’t be able to close the tin). Fold over the remaining side, glue, and secure the last two corners.

4. Glue the pincushion into the lid of the tin and the felt into the bottom

5. Kit it out! Stock the kit with a small pair of scissors, mini spools of thread (bobbins work perfectly), pins, needles, and whatever else you or your recipient might like to have on hand: safety pins, buttons, embroidery floss, snaps, thimble, tape measure.

(image credit: craftstylish.com)

You can choose to paint or cover the tin in fabric to give another look. This makes for a great gift to give friends or family members who don’t sew so they are prepared the next time they lose a button. The sewing kit would able work well if placed in your guest bedroom when company is over, they will get of kick out of your hotel like amenities and will have something to take away to remember their stay with you. Mother’s day is not that far away and these little sewing kits would make for a lovely gift for the special women in your life like your mother, aunts, or even grandmother. This eco-friendly craft would also be a great a lifesaver for bridal party members should any fashion emergencies arise on your big day.

Know that even skilled sewers would appreciate this kit because of its portability plus they can have anything they need in a pinch. This sewing kit eco-friendly craft can also be customized to suit different occasions and people. If someone you know can’t sew go light on the thread and include more safety pins and some no-sew adhesive tape. Happy crafting.

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