Good Gift Ideas: Scented Reed Diffusers

September 10, 2012

Put something special in the air – with Mosley Lane’s Reed Diffusers!  If you have tried diffusers before then you know they are a wonderful, modern, flame-free way to add scent to any room.  But not all diffusers are made equally, with natural ingredients or care for the environment the way these special Good Gift Naturally diffusers are!

Every element of  our diffusers, from the natural ingredients, and the stunning, aromatic fragrances, to the sophisticated recycled Italian glass jar – everything was lovingly designed by the Mosley Lane to give you the ultimate aromatherapy experience. These special diffuser’s reeds will release their divine fragrance oils into whatever space you desire!

If you’ve never tried them, before, reed diffusers have the same wonderful, aromatic scent that candles do, while being flame-free, so you get the same aromatherapy benefits with no risk of fire. There is no flame, no heat, no wax or ash mess that comes with incense and candles, no aerosol and nothing to plug in – which is why the popularity of reed diffusers are soaring!

How does a diffuser work?  The best way to diffuse essential oils is to ionize them into the air, and a diffuser does just that, as a capillary action or whisking occurs within each reed to diffuse fragrance into the air. Using heat to diffuse oils breaks down the molecular structure of the essential oil and keeps you from getting the full therapeutic and aromatic value of the oil itself. The cold reed diffuser preserves the delicate balance of the oil’s chemical structure keeping it much more effective. Additionally, the reed diffuser is designed to conserve your essential oil- which is why they last longer.

Absolutely no heat or flame is needed so they are perfectly suited for everywhere candles are no preferred, like offices, dorm rooms, classrooms, and nursing homes. Since they will not emanate film, smoke or soot onto furniture, walls or ceilings, and the recycled Italian glass is gorgeous to look at, our diffusers look beautiful in any room in your home!

How to use a diffuser:  All you have to do is pour the oil into the diffuser bottle and then insert the reed sticks. After a few hours, turn the sticks upside-down to expose the oil moistened side to the air. The oil will now wick up the sticks!  When the oil is finally used up, simply pour in an oil refill and replace the reeds. A diffuser will keep your room scented for several weeks – or even months depending on the size of the room it is in.
Yes – you read that right – diffusers can last for MONTHS!      

scented reed diffuser

Scented Reed Diffuser

Our Diffuser gifts are perfect good gift ideas for housewarmings, corporate gifts, birthdays, and hostess gifts – they are even great in a care package for college kids.  What a thoughtful and caring gift idea!

We know that safe, flame-free aromatherapy with all the same benefits of candles, put into a beautifully recycled Italian glass, at a price that fits the size of your budget AND the size of your heart are the reasons that GGN’s Mosely Lane Diffusers are a good gift – naturally! 

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