Good Gifts: Fall Baskets & Autumn Gifts – Part 3

October 1, 2012

It has been a long, hot summer not only here in Arizona but in many places across this beautiful country.  Autumn leaves are beginning to fall  and the beautifully crisp nights are a sign that summer has officially ended. With the sights and sounds of fall in the air, Thanksgiving is not far behind. Gifting during this season can be the most meaningful since they do not arrive in abundance during this holiday. This is the perfect time to let someone special know you care, and we’ve got good, green ways to help you do it – naturally!

Fall is perfect season for thanking those around you who have delivered your household services such as lawn mowing, gardening, and parcel deliveries. For our corporate customers, gifting at this time of year really makes your appreciation stand out and is truly enjoyed by those who have made an impact on your business this past year. That’s why we have come up with the ultimate, inspired-by-the-season fall gift that says thank you in the perfect way!

The Perfect Candle-In-A-Jar Gift

Since day one Mosely Lane’s 14 oz Apothecary Soy & Beeswax candles have been our top selling candles!  No one wonders why, since it’s so obviously the perfect good gift idea!

Soy and Beeswax Mason Jar Scented Candle

Soy and Beeswax Mason Jar Scented Candle

The staff at GGN has gone mad for all of the luxurious fall scents and their picturesque names, like Applejack & Peel, Warm & Cozy, Butternut & Pumpkin, Oak Barrel Cider and my personal favorite: Walk In the Woods!!

Apothecary is an ancient word referring to herbal medicine-makers who believed that nature provides everything we need to heal our bodies, minds and spirits – which is why these jars the perfect metaphorical and literal vessel to house these special, Mosely Lane candles. Every element of this product, from the natural ingredients, and the stunning, aromatic fragrances, to the sophisticated jar and labeling – everything was lovingly designed to give the one you care about the ultimate candle experience, which is why they make such incredible appreciation gifts!

If you’d like to make it even more special…well!

The only way to make the perfectly indulgent, luxury candle gift even better is for you to add a personalized message on the jar!

Initials of a couple, a wish or blessing for the season, thank you or congratulatory words, or the name of a company can all be elegantly printed on the candle jar! Whatever thought or appreciative emotion you want to convey can be instantly and eloquently expressed in a single word or phrase.

It’s easy to do with GGN’s, I GIVE YOU MY WORD  Mosely Lane candles!

I Give You My Word personalized Candle

I Give You My Word Personalized Candle

Of course, since it comes from GGN, you can trust that the candle is of the highest, and green-est quality. Mosley Lane doesn’t use any added candle dyes, so the all natural wax is buttery white, showcased in the clear glass and topped with a chic black lid that it will compliment any décor and perfectly matches the black font of your message. The soy – beeswax blend creates a creamy, smooth candle with excellent burning properties that heighten the fragrance throw. The lead-free cotton wick not only enhances the natural components of the wax, the braid also allows the wick to curl while burning, providing a self trimming effect which reduces smoke and carbon buildup.

Amazing natural scents and wax, dye free, with beautiful and meaning presentation in the apothecary jar, and the fact that you can personalize them make these Mosely Lane Candles one of our favorite good fall gifts – naturally!



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