Good Gourmet Gift Ideas for Under $50

October 22, 2012

One of the promises GGN has made is to find gifts that fit both the size of your budget AND the size of your heart! Here is a sample list of good green gift ideas that the home chefs or foodies on your list will love, are budget friendly AND give back by being green, fairly trades, all-natural and made with love!

 Tea Time Gift Basket $42.99        

organic  tea time gift basket

organic tea time gift basket

We have it all figured out for you with our Tea Time gift. Loaded with all sorts of goodies for her, including an assortment of Numi teas, crisp-aged cheddar Sonoma Cheese Straws, a polka dot tumbler filled with key lime cookies, and more! Each gift is topped with a hand-tied bow, making this gift for your special someone even more special.



Are you bored with plain sugar? Are you looking for some excitement with your ice cream & cookie recipes? Look no further!!
This set includes our 7 gourmet sugars in an ample 1oz. size.
Berry Limone Sugar
Cocoa Vanilla Sugar
Cocoa Sugar
Lavender Sugar
Mint Sugar
Spicy Rose Sugar
Tropical Sugar


Artisanal Gourmet Finishing Salt Set: $30    

good gift idea gourmet  finishing salts


. Each of these delectable finishers is made with real organic herbs, flowers, fruit extracts and a combination of earth, sea and mineral salts. This Organic, Culinary Gourmet Salt Sampler brings an exciting new applications to salt, while actually contributing to your health.

This set has our 7 favorite organic, gourmet salts:

Citrus Salt is delicious on fish and chicken, but it’s also a must have for your bar since it’s magnificent as a margarita glass rimmer!

Clove Salt with its combination of earthy, fruity flavor is perfect for salads, grilled vegetables and to gently spice up an ice cream cone.

Lemongrass Salt is slightly tangy and goes great with fish (especially Salmon) and all sorts of veggies.

Curry Chili Salt is very versatile and can be used to season meats, sprinkled on salads and is amazing on desserts (cakes, chocolates, truffles) as in your soups, stir fries and simply over popcorn.

Rose Salt sprinkled on baked desserts, it adds just a hint of flavor while enhancing the appearance of your dish.

Garlic Salt Instantly flavor whole grain brown rice, season eggplant slices, add a pinch to homemade marinara, or customize your soup with smoked garlic and ginger taste.

Green Tea Mint Salt  we dare you ty it in a cookie recipe, in the frosting for a dessert, or sprinkled on ice cream – it’s a unique & delicious effect!


The Artisanal Gourmet Finishing Salt Set is perfect for any home chef or foodie on your gift list!

  NIRVANA DRINK SET $20              

good gift idea organic tea set

Nirvana Organic Tea Set

This soul soothing tea is perfect for brightening winter days and staving off the chills, but your special someone can ALSO drink it cold OR use as a brilliant mixer for a vodka martini with rimmed glasses of sugar….you’ll get big thanks for this!
Who doesn’t like sweet tea? Let the soothing effects of eSutras Nirvana 100% Pure Organic Herbal Tea join forces with the calming aroma of Lavender for this amazing tea that will help their mind meditate and give your body the energy it needs to do so!

Did we mention its DELICIOUS? Organic Nirvana Herbal Tea + Organic Gourmet Flavored Lavender Sugar an awesome combination!

Great appreciation gift for hostess, office, teacher or ANY foodie you know!

Gourmet Cookies! $11-$37 depending on order size      

Good Gift Idea Gourmet Cookies

Gourmet Cookies

Send flowers they can eat! Our delicious butter crème cookies are all hand rolled, cut and baked then our icing artists personally decorate each and every cookie by hand. These fabulous cookies are almost too awesome to eat but once you sink your teeth into one, they won’t be around for long! Made fresh each and every day, these delicious flower cookies measure a whopping 4 ½” across and come carefully packaged in our box with a big red bow on it. You can customize your cookie gift by selecting from 3, 5, 7, 9 or 12 cookies and we will do the rest. Being individually wrapped helps preserve freshness and allows for perfect sharing!

For more good, green gourmet gift ideas from Good Gifts Naturally, click here!



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