Good Gift Ideas: Fall Baskets & Autumn Gifts Part 4

November 6, 2012

 Autumn leaves are falling all around us and the beautifully crisp nights are a sign that summer has officially ended. Thanksgiving is not far behind. Gifting during this season can be the most meaningful since they do not arrive en masse. This is the perfect time to let someone special know you care, and we’ve got good, green ways to help you do it – naturally!

With the sights and sounds of fall in the air, Fall is perfect season for thanking those around you who have delivered your household services such as lawn mowing, gardening, and parcel deliveries. For our corporate customers, gifting at this time of year really makes your appreciation stand out and is truly enjoyed by those who have made an impact on your business this past year. That’s why we have come up with the ultimate, inspired-by-the-season fall gift that says thank you in the perfect way!

 Hand Decorated Thank You Cookies!             

good gift idea kosher cookies

thank you cookies


Do you know a real cookie lover? One who simply craves cookies? Well we have the perfect cookie gift for them! Our delicious butter crème cookies are all hand rolled, cut and baked then our icing artists personally decorate each and every cookie by hand. These fabulous cookies are almost too awesome to eat but once you sink your teeth into one, they won’t be around for long! Made fresh each and every day! Cookies are made in the USA and are (KSA) Kosher certified.


FLOWER COOKIES                

good gift idea thank you cookies

thank you flower cookies

Send your sentiments of appreciation and thanks with flowers they can eat! These delicious flower cookies measure a whopping 4 ½” across and come carefully packaged in our box with a big red bow on it.



Send your sentiments of appreciation and thanks from the bunch of you with these outstanding thank you cookies. Whether you’re sending a note of thanks to someone who enjoys wine, or to a coworker from the bunch of you from work; saying thanks is easy with our grape shaped cookies.


good gift idea thanks a bunch cookies

thanks a bunch cookies

You can customize your gift of appreciation by selecting from 3, 5, 7, 9 or 12 cookies and we will do the rest. Our thank you cookies are perfect for personal gifting and corporate gifting. Being individually wrapped helps preserve freshness and allows for perfect sharing.


Such a good gift idea – naturally!



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