New Pearl District Park “The Fields” Could be an Ideal Outdoor Venue

July 31, 2013



Having a wedding reception at Pure Space can now be described as not only a walk in the park, but a walk from the park. The Fields Park was recently opened a stone’s throw away from the urban-chic venue, Pure Space, on SW Overton. A modern design on 3.2 acres in The Pearl District, The Fields may be an optimal site for couples looking for an outside ceremony, and an indoor reception without having to budget for two different venues, and while helping guests avoid the hassle of traveling to and finding a second venue, but also parking at a new destination downtown. Parking in the area surrounding Pure Space and The Fields is exceptional—with 600 available spaces, close proximity to the Portland street car line, and more. Guests will easily find a space to attend the ceremony at The Fields, then make the two minute 49 second walk down to Pure Space to celebrate the nuptials!


Benefits of a Park Wedding at The Fields and an Amenity Ridden Reception at Pure Space:

Best of Both Worlds: Many couples disagree on an indoor/outdoor wedding, and marriage is all about compromise! Hosting the ceremony at The Fields and the reception at Pure Space lets you and your guests enjoy both environments, without making a cumbersome pilgrimage and having an “R” rated conversation with a smartphone GPS trying to locate the second venue.

Impressively Inexpensive- The City of Portland reserves a one acre plot for 160 dollars, plus an 80 dollar application fee. A ceremony venue for 240 dollars? No, this is not a joke, nor is it the best part. The City allows only one wedding per park, per day. This means you have the entire day to set-up and take down ceremony décor at your leisure. The reserved one acre space allows for 100 guests. Electricity and amplified sound is also possible, see the City website for full details. The savings on the ceremony venue allows you to focus your budget on rentals and Pure Space—the reception venue.

Completely Customizable- The Fields Park, unlike many city parks, is surrounded by buildings and landscape that is neutral in color. It is often recommended that outdoor weddings strive to match shades of nearby construction and vegetation—incorporating the colors in flower arrangements, décor, and seat covers. With the modern design and neutrality of The Fields however, any hue will do! The same sentiments are true for a reception at Pure Space. The space has a reputation for being impeccably versatile and customizable.

Dog Friendly- So many couples would like to include their canines in the ceremony, though not all venues are fido friendly. Hosting a ceremony in a park, like The Fields, is a wonderful option that easily accommodates dogs. In fact, according to an article by The Oregonian, The Fields is the first of the City’s 33 off-leash dog parks built specifically with an area for dogs in mind.

Find out what Rentals/Decor WCEP recommends for a Park Wedding!

First, contact the City of Portland for full details about reserving a park for your wedding. After understanding the (minimal) guidelines for a park wedding, start considering…

Demographics and neighborhood routine: It’s important to visit the park during the time the wedding will take place, to get an idea about noise level, sun exposure, number of visitors at this time, availability of near-by parking, etc. Portland police officers frequent each park daily, to ensure regulations are being upheld—which includes ensuring that no heckling will be occurring during a wedding at a reserved park space, though park visitors in Portland are historically respectful of weddings occurring in park areas.

Colors: For urban parks in particular, it is important to match wedding colors to the surroundings! Playing up the colors already at the location can enhance the environment—making it appear as if the blue building nearby had been painted just to match the linens, or the patch of purple tulips had been strategically planted to match those in the bouquets and floral arrangements!

B.Y.O.T. (Trees): If the park is relatively sparse, consider renting trees and other vegetation that will benefit the space. You may even consider creating a canopy for overhead lighting and vines.

Chair Ties/Covers: Often, park weddings are a great option for couples on a budget, as it is very affordable to reserve park space in Portland. This allows more budget to be allocated to décor, and it is important when on a budget to make sure funds are spent on items that will make a substantial statement! Park settings, while beautiful, do not provide many platforms for incorporating décor. Chair ties and covers are a fabulous and inexpensive way to include statement pieces while not breaking bank. They are highly visible, and can range from intricate, to tastefully simple. See the WCEP catalog for inspiring chair tie/cover options.

Lighting: Adding lanterns or outdoor lighting creates an intimate effect, and can help section off your reserved space in a nonchalant manner using torches or hanging lantern lighting.

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