Friday is for lovin’ and staying vulnerable…

August 29, 2014


that is a big word these days…thanks to the amazing work, and TED Talk with Brene Brown…(if you haven’t seen it, do it NOW, …

How hard is it for you to open up, to show yourself, to share yourself, to


Allow is the key word for me these days… to allow myself time, opportunity, risks, freedom. To allow myself the space to do and say what I need and desire. and to allow myself to just do it.

–to move freely, to find my pleasure principle, to follow my bliss, to not work so hard, or to work harder, to follow through, to quit with the self-sabotaging and just do it. Why, when something feels so good, do we not just do it more often?



Do you know what I mean?

Can you list what you are stopping yourself from doing? By stating what you need and want, does that make you more vulnerable? What do you think?

Are you allowing yourself time and space to give yourself what you need?

Are you following through with your daily non-negotiables?

ALLOW….my friends, show what you want and need, you are so worthy and so beautiful…


“Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.” – Arianna Huffington –

**love these rules for daily life!

thanks Jen Louden and sarah selecky!

**Thanks James Clear!

Dreams do not come true just because you dream them. It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change…

**Do you folks know about elephant journal?  it is a fabulous read…

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**I love these pages for all things good and healthy! Check out Abe’s market

**What Dr. Samantha has to say! Beans and rice…

**and more food info- the 20 healthiest foods!

**Here is some GC news!

I am excited to share our video from a performance last March at Cues and Tattoos in Seattle…

here you go, and enjoy!

**oh, and here is something that might help guide you toward that beautiful space of bliss…

Tribal Bliss starts soon!

September 7th…

join us in this four week online course, find your own personal time and space, and you can also join the private online group to share your stories and listen to others! Hope you can jump in….

Read more here…

And that is enough for you for the weekend… enjoy and ALLOW!

Thanks for reading!


Dance, move, write, listen, dig in deep, relax, and ALLOW yourself this time for pleasure and release and pure fun!

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