Nominate Your Business For the Summer People & Planet Award: Innovation in Recycling

July 2, 2015

Nominate a great company by July 6 to win Green America’s Summer 2015 People & Planet Awards. This round of our quarterly green business awards program is dedicated to innovation in recycled products.

Does this sound like your business? Have you come up with creative ways to keep materials out of landfills? Are you finding new uses and new homes for used goods?

Tell us by Monday, July 6, at 8PM EDT, that your business should be a contender for the People & Planet Award. Inspired by a favorite green business? Tell us you who you want to see honored for innovation in using recycling to create great products. Nominate a business today.

Your nomination must also explain how your choice is an overall sustainability leader beyond the primary theme of recycling; let us know how they also demonstrate excellence in clean energy, worker empowerment, or any other area. Your nominee may manufacture with recycled paper, plastic, metal, fabrics, wood, or any other material that might surprise us. See our rules for more about eligibility.

In August, we’ll share the stories of 10 finalists, and conduct a run-off vote for three winners who will each receive a prize of $5,000. We’ll announce the winners in September.

Good luck to all of the nominees, and thanks for your submission!

The People & Planet Award recognizes businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment. Seasonally, we award three $5,000 cash prizes in a range of green-business categories, such as zero-waste, worker empowerment, and sustainable food.

Get more inspiration at our gallery of past winners and finalists. Past rounds of the award process have honored winners in the categories of sustainable food, green homes, green kids, green travel and more.

Photo credit: Beautiful recycled bottle chandelier from SAEID Crafts & Projects via YouTube.


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