Performance for Buffalo Infringement Fest 2015: The Walk of Sensuality

July 7, 2015

It is time to reclaim the feminine in your life.  It is time to celebrate the feminine energy of our lives.  I feel ecstatic to present to you The Walk of Sensuality to celebrate and unleash the beautiful divine feminine energy that is rising up in you and me and everyone around us.

Imagine this:

Several women, and possibly men too, celebrating the Divine Feminine through The Sensual Body Movement’s Walk of Sensuality.

What will this look like?

It will be an interactive and moving “performance.” We will gather in a particular location and begin “The Walk” through an art space our on a public street.  You, the public will be welcome to Walk with us.  We will Walk together for about 20-30 minutes.  Maybe more, maybe less.


To bring awareness to a new divine feminine energy that is rising up in all of us.  One that embodies the divine feminine, where any human can feel safe walking down the street or through their day embodied in their “femininity.”  Where we celebrate sensual body movement, which is embodied movement connected to the conscious breath of the “walker” in the present moment.

Enjoy this unique experience, never before “performed” or exhibited anywhere in this area, or join us.  Wear whatever you feel amazing in and walk with us in your hips, connected to your breath, no rush, to celebrate the Divine Feminine essence of you, inner and outer.

All are welcome to join in “The Walk” with intention, respect for the Divine Feminine, and in the essence of reclaiming this beautiful aspect of yourself!

Join us:

Thursday July 30th 7:15pm, Big Orbit Gallery, 30 Essex St, Buffalo, NY 14213

Friday July 31st 7pm, Ol’ Wondermoth Coop House

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